Baby monitor: Watch one kid from two places in the house simultaneously
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We have one kid. We want to set up baby monitors so that my wife and I can each have a monitoring unit, so we can both see/hear our kid simultaneously from different parts of the house. Ages ago, we had a unit that had one camera and two monitoring units but it broke. Currently, we tried just using two different monitor systems at the same time, but it seems their signals conflict with each other. Any suggestions?

Right now we have an Infant Optics DXR-8 (which is great) and an Ubbcare monitor (which is fine). If we have them both on at the same time, the connections are lousy- they disconnect a lot, to the point of being unusable. If we turn either one of them off, the other one works fine. So it seems like there’s definitely a problem with interference between the two.

Some possible ideas:

1) I’d be very happy if we could find another baby monitor that did not interfere with the Infant Optics DXR-8 (I like its fancy features).

2) Is there some way to get the monitors we have to not interfere with each other?

3) Alternately: We used to have a summer infant “dual coverage” monitor that had two parent/monitor units that could both be on simultaneously. They don’t make that any more, and I have not been able to find another one with that feature. But maybe one exists? (There are lots with two cameras, which is not what we need. We also had one where you could add extra parent/monitor units, but only one could be active at a time)

A couple things we need in a monitor:

- We want video.

- We want a “talk-back” feature to talk to our kid in his room

- I *think* we much prefer a dedicated parent/monitor unit to using an app on our phone (though if you want to try to change my mind about that, I welcome your thoughts).

- We are in Toronto, Canada. We’d ideally like something we can order here and get shipped easily.

Any ideas/suggestions much appreciated! Thanks!!!
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Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the stick, but it looks like you can get an additional monitor here?
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London Explorer girl: Oh Interesting!!! That might be just what we need. I will look into that. (That item is hard to get shipped to Canada. but maybe we can find a way...)
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London explorer girl: I contacted the manufacturer. They said "Each camera can only be paired to 1 monitor, however you can pair up to 4 cameras in one monitor." So that's bad news.

They also said "If you are planning to have 2 cameras and 2 monitors, they have to be at least 3 feet away from each other to avoid interference." So that might be helpful. Right now - our two cameras are right next to each other Maybe moving them would fix the interference problem....
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We tried to monitoring units with a bust at my house. We ended up buying Arlo security cameras, setting them up in two different areas - and using the Arlo app; which we can communicate with back and forth. They even have an Arlo Baby which we had but honestly, didn't use all the features as much as I thought we would. It's worth checking out!
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Stream a webcam pointed at the baby. I use Wyze cam's to watch kiddo in the backyard. I can watch the feed (on the app) on multiple devices. Wyze has a speak back feature as well. I don't work for that company honest! ;)
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(Update: It turns out that just moving the two cameras we already have, so that they were not so close to each other, 100% did the trick. Both work great now, with long range, reliable connection, etc)
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