Can I print ACLU pamphlets to distribute at my sidewalk library?
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I'd really like to have ACLU "Know your Rights" in my sidewalk Little Free library. Unfortunately my budget doesn't include the $15/book option on their website. Is it ok for me to print these materials (either old school with a stapler or even have them printed by someone on etsy) and distribute for free? I tried calling and emailing ACLU but haven't gotten a response.

Obviously I'm not making any money selling these products - just trying to find an economical way I can procure and give them away. I'm specifically trying to figure out if this is against the law and/or will annoy ACLU (whom I support and do not want to make their jobs more difficult than they are).
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just trying to find an economical way I can procure and give them away

Memail me and I'll have one delivered to you.
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Coming in to offer something similar to saeculorum - I know someone who works for the NYC office. Want me to link him to this and get his thoughts?
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I think you should just print them. I strongly suspect that if you ask them on the record, they will tell you not to print it on your own. But I do not think it is likely they will take legal action against you, and I don't think it's going to "make their jobs more difficult"-- if guarding their intellectual property is a top priority for them amidst all the *gestures around* this, that's really very much on them.
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Crank up the copier!

But do you know about printing booklets, so as to save paper and also make nifty-looking finished pieces (for longer items)? Microsoft Word has it built in to the Print dialogue box, I think, and there are both free & paid utilities on Mac OS that will do this for you.

I always try to print booklets, so I end up with a smaller, sturdier finished item. Let me know what you're prniting from and to, and maybe we can come up with instructions. :7)
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Just for the hell of it, I asked them via Twitter. Will post back if I get any sort of response.
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IANAL but I am a librarian with a dim view of intellectual property law, and I endorse "fire up the photocopier."

If you still really want to get "official copies" from ACLU, you might have better luck getting in touch with your closest affiliate rather than the overall national ACLU contact form.
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