Cheap, lightweight, cuttable, and highly reflective
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I'm crafting a little children's book, and I want one of the pages to be a mirror -- or as close to it as I can reach. I've tried gluing aluminum foil to the page, but it doesn't reflect images very well. Will reflective window paper be mirror-like when stuck onto a page? Is there a better option? (I'm in the UK so it needs to be available here.)

Note that this is just something I'm doing by hand, to give to a couple of people I know. It doesn't need to be something that can be mass produced. The more mirror-like the better... but if it's not a perfect mirror surface, while still being reflective enough to convey the idea of mirror-ness, I'm willing to settle for that.
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Best answer: In published kids' books we use mylar for this. It's not like looking in the mirror, but it's light, a lot more reflective than foil, and conveys mirror in context.
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Aluminum HVAC tape, perhaps? The shininess is not terribly durable though.
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What about these wall mirror stickers?
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A craft store may have reflective mylar sheets - easy to cut. You want to look at a place that caters to scrap-bookers. In the US I'd say Michael's but don't know the UK equivalent.
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Seconding a craft supply place that has scrapbooking supplies. If that isn't convenient, I have seen some silver gift bags that are surprisingly reflective, so check out any store that might carry gift wrap.
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I came to say what ManyLeggedCreature did - they are great and if you can't find any in the UK I've got a few spares I can pop one in the post for you.
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The only big-box hobby store I know of here is Hobbycraft, but searching there for mylar sheets is just bringing up clear acetate; doing a wider internet search, it looks as if reflective mylar is geared towards hydroponics needs here, rather than crafting. Amazon will of course sell you a roll of it.
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Best answer: Try to search for emergency blankets, they are mylar and highly reflective.
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Search on "mirror vinyl wrap". With a little search, you should be able to find someone selling it in the small and inexpensive amount you need.
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What about the wrong side of a mylar balloon?
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Any store that sells vinyl for cutters (Cricut, Silhouette and the like) should have self-adhesive vinyl sheets. They make metallic and holographic versions.

Not sure about UK availability, but this is the sort of thing I'm talking about.
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Car shops sell chrome detailing tape, very reflective, for about $6 a roll. You can also search for "adhesive flexible mirror sheets" on Amazon.
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Go to your local dollar/party store. They'll have mylar rolls in many colours for making party baskets / giftwrapping etc.
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If you're feeling terribly lucky you could check out your local stationery shop and see if any of their cool vinyl pencil cases have the reflective finish you need? I use this for doll-size clothing and furnishings, on occasion.
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Response by poster: I ended up getting mylar emergency blankets, so I marked that as best answer. I appreciate all the suggestions and I've tucked them all away in my mind as alternate possibilities for the future. Thanks, everybody!
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