Kransky recipe ideas
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I have two Kransky sausages left over from a previous recipe... While the internet has many ideas does anyone have any tried and true novel not hotdogs
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I often use up spare sausages of various kinds by making some sort of jambalaya.
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Best answer: I use up spare sausages by adding them to a fried rice recipe.
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Pair with sauerkraut and hearty bread. Fry up some onions and/or garlic, add a cup or so of water or beer and a jar of sauerkraut, bring to a boil, simmer until it's your preferred tenderness, then add the sliced sausages and heat through.

Optional additions:
Shredded carrot
Diced apple
Diced, cooked potatoes
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Smoked sausages are really good sliced into thick soups. This leek and potato soup, for example.
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Baked sausages with apples and potatoes is one of my go-to dinners. The recipe as written uses uncooked sausage; Kranskys are already cooked, so you could also cut it into chunks before adding it instead of putting the whole sausages on top of the potatoes/apples/etc. at that point in the recipe.

Another thing I do is sausage and peppers. Two sausages is just enough for two people. The other ingredients you'd need:

* a small onion, chopped
* two sweet peppers - bell peppers or red peppers, or if you can find those Italian sweet peppers those are ideal; one each of two different kinds also works
* a small Roma tomato, chopped
* If you want a couple crushed cloves of garlic or some herbs too, great, but it's optional.

Cut the peppers into strips. Cut the sausages up as well; you can slice them into coins or cut them into similarly-shaped strips, whatever you prefer.

Heat up a drizzle of olive oil in a small saucepot. Saute the onion about five minutes, or until just translucent. Dump in the chopped tomato (and garlic and herbs too, if using) and saute until the tomato starts to break down a little. Then dump in all the sausage and pepper strips, add like a spoonful of water, and turn the heat down to low and cover the pot. Let that all simmer a half hour; check it every so often to make sure it hasn't dried out. If it's starting to dry out add another little bit of water. (It shouldn't be that wet, you're just trying to keep it from scorching.)

Serve over pasta.
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Best answer: Take the skin off and use the meat for meatballs. For instance for spaghetti and meatballs, but anything you would do with meatballs works. I remember when someone first showed me this, and my mind was blown.

Another option is Swedish Sausage Dish, which is not a Swedish recipe. It is a recipe invented by Danish campers in Sweden who wanted to use up all the sausages before returning to Denmark. Maybe. For your two Kranskies, I'd recommend one onion, two large potatoes, butter, a tablespoon of vinegar, a cup of water, and a half cup of whole cream. You also need salt, pepper, smoky paprika and ketchup to taste. Serves two.
Slice up the onion in thin slices, and put them in a pot with a generous amount of butter at a medium-low heat. You want them to become translucent, not brown at all. This is Trangia food. Meanwhile slice or dice the potatoes and when the onions are ready, add the potatoes and stir well. Add a generous tsp of paprika and let it all simmer for a little while. Then add the vinegar and cook till it is mostly evaporated. Then add the water and let it cook at medium heat till the potatoes are nearly ready. Add more water if needed, but not too much. You don't want to pour off water. Then add the cream and some ketchup, and let it simmer for a moment before seasoning with salt and pepper and more paprika and ketchup to taste. Let it reduce for a while, but you don't want the sauce to separate. Maybe add a bit more butter for extra deliciousness. Slice up the sausages and cook them till they are hot through in the mix. Serve with chopped parsley or chives.
(Disclaimer: this is our family recipe and I may have remembered some quantities wrong. You can adjust. The idea is to have a creamy stew that has some tang from the vinegar and some smokiness and gentle heat from the paprika. The potatoes add starch to the liquid, so they can't be new potatoes, but otherwise this works fine with all types of potato if you don't overcook them. The onion and ketchup add sweetness. It's comfort food for all ages).
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This is a recipe for Swedish sausage dish from a very famous chef, but IMO, he does things wrong. I see no vinegar, and the potatoes are boiled in advance. On the other hand, he probably tested his recipe, so if you want to be on the safe side, start with this.
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Response by poster: I ended up using them in a fried rice as per seawallrunner's idea and it was yum. Thanks for all the other great ideas though, I have many new recipe ideas.
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I had some leftover sausages, and this post convinced me to make fried rice, which I did - and it was delicious - but I forgot to use the sausages.
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