Ethically produced custom-embroidered ballcaps?
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My company currently sells logo hats that are mass-produced in Bangladesh. We would like to support made-in-the-USA, minority-owned businesses with ethical and sustainable labor and materials, and we are willing to pay more for such a product (or as close as we can get). However, I'm not having luck searching for them on my own. Does the hivemind know about any such companies?
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Try going hyper local and search for screen printing places in your town/city, frequently they will also do embroidery work as well.
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Sew Loved does machine embroidery, but I am guessing you would have to supply the un-logo'ed hats. They might know of a supplier.
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The Ideal Cap Company is a domestic manufacturer, but I don’t know if they are minority-owned.
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The Carter Brand is owned by two black men and apparently produced in the US. It sells baseball caps and may be open to custom logo work. Dunno about ethical production but ask. On my phone but just search to find the company itself. Thank you for wanting to support minority-owned businesses manufacturing in the US that use ethical and sustainable labor and other practices!
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Awesome Merchandise in Austin might... Fit the bill.
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Dehen of Portland does very very good work (with price points to match). They are not minority owned, but employ minorities and pay their employees a pretty fair wage for Portland.

Their hats are made in the USA (but I don't think by them) and they do the embroidery in house. Their hats are also really fuckin nice.
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