Lap Blanket for Home Office
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I'm looking for a lap blanket for my home office to keep me warm on cold mornings.

I spend hours sitting in front of the computer and I get cold easily.

I'm looking for something that's
1. not too expensive <$50
2. easy to care for (nothing that needs delicates detergent etc), I'll like to just dump it into my washing machine with my regular laundry
3. soft
4. reasonably warm
5. large enough to cover my lap, but smaller than regular single bed blanket size

Is there a way to keep lap blankets from falling off my body? I'll like to cover my torso as well as my lap but I have to type and it seems impossible without buying a slanket or something similar.

Given the easy care requirement and that I can't exactly afford cashmere, it seems that my options are either cotton or synthetic fleece. Or do Mefites have better ideas? Or just tips on selecting soft and warm cotton and fleece? I have a cotton bed blanket that was a gift from my aunt and it is horrible. It's thin, hard and not warm. How not to end up with similar?

I will be buying this online so links to exact blanket will be appreciated.Thank you!
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I love this blanket from IKEA, and own like five for different rooms. Washes like a dream. Cozy but light weight.
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I've loved the fleece blankets I have from Berkshire Blankets. I think I have two Velvetloft and a sherpa one, and they're extremely soft, warmish, and surprisingly durable. Their blankets come in throw-sized and bed-sized, so obviously you'd want the throw. I think Velvetloft would be a good match for what you want. I'm not sure what the official instructions are, but I just wash it on a normal cycle with cold water and air dry in dryer, and it's been fine. You can get them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with the 20% off coupons, and the prices are reasonable. Might be a good idea to go to BBB and feel a few Berkshire Blankets to see if you like them and if you have a preference for model. Sometimes Berkshire Blankets runs sales on their own website (especially for seasonal blankets when the holiday has passed, or styles that they're phasing out, but sometimes just in general). My dear departed cat was obsessed with these blankets too, and he had much more discriminating taste than I do in such matters, so I feel pretty confident in this recommendation.
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I bought a fleece baby blanket at the local supermarket. Works perfectly for my needs.
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Oops, missed the online part. Still.
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If you want the minimum of DIY, Joann sells fleece fabric mail order. It shouldn't unravel, so you can buy it by the yard (width is 45" or so) and cut it to suit your needs with a pair of scissors without having to anything more. Fleece doesn't unravel so you don't have to do anything to the edge. It's cheap to begin with but they usually have coupons to make it even cheaper.
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Best answer: Cotton bed blankets are great for the summer when you need some weight on you but it's hot as hell out. They are pretty terrible for when you're cold and want something to snuggle up with. Definitely go with synthetic fleece here.

Anecdotally, I have a few fleece things (including an unhemmed fabric remnant) that I haven't treated particularly well and they've all held up decently and been nice to use - while some fabrics are tricky, fleece seems like something that's more foolproof. I think the DIY idea of cutting a piece into a shape that might stay in place the way you want is the way to go, or just doing a lap blanket and supplementing with a fleece jacket.
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Uniqlo has smaller size fleece blankets which have snaps so they can be worn as a cape and they'll stay in place while leaving you free to type or otherwise use your hands. I wear it around the house during the winter, when I'm working at my computer or watching TV.

The item linked says 'Sold out' but I included the link for illustrative purposes. It's a regular item for Uniqlo, but seasonal, they bring it back in different patterns and colors each year.
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I use an electric throw blanket but IIRC you are not in North America so this particular one probably wouldn't work for you for voltage reasons. Look into it, though! They're quite amazing!
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Response by poster: I am considering spending a little more and getting a small, pure wool blanket. Anyone has experience with using one as a lap blanket? Smaller sizes are cheaper. What size will be big enough without breaking the bank?
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This is an example of the type of one I have. I'm linking to it because I think the size is pretty decent for coverage.
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Best answer: I would caution against wool for a lap blanket as you'll likely want to wash it more often than a blanket on the bed; I toss mine in the wash every time I do a load of towels because I feel like gets a bit ick from being under my hands/draped around my shoulders/etc.
I bought my mom a couple of Berkshire Blanket Co throws for her birthday and they were very well-received.
My fancy lap blanket of choice is the Lil Marsh from UnHide. It feels really fancy and luxurious, but washes super easily and is cozy but not too heavy. $65 so just slightly above your price point but one of the best things I have in terms of creature comforts.
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I sometimes use a hooded zip-up sweatshirt for this, with the hood over my knees. Works best with a big sweatshirt and not-too-long legs
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