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During the pandemic, my sister and I have been mailing little packages to each other. Her birthday is at the end of August and I'm trying to make it especially nice. Since shipping can be quite delayed, I'm looking around now. What are your favorite online shops for special well-crafted items? Or if you have specific item recommendations, I'd take those too!

I'm focusing on things that can elevate her home experience, like bath products, kitchen items, home goods like candles, and silly decorative pieces. I'm skewing towards natural materials: wood, paper, cloth, ceramic, etc. Things that can give her a feel of luxury without breaking the bank. Or a smile at the absurdity.
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I'm a huge fan of the soaps and candles from Formulary 55. The bar soaps all contain shea butter and come in heavenly fragrances.
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I love the sister sites Pod and Fog Linen . Lovely one of a kind items at Pod, and beautiful Linen things from Fog Linen.
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JetPens for all your stationery needs. I can recommend the Pilot Kakuno “student fountain pen” for an inexpensive fountain pen that writes smoothly.
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I've gotten someone the "Cat and Mouse" and the "By the Pond" bookmarks from Felix Doolittle.
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Rifle Paper Company Here, they even make phone case decorations, I chose my Case Mate because of their design. My back east family person says she knows some of the people who work for them, very nice folks.
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Goods for the Study is the stationery (and other office/home goods) arm of fabulous indie bookshop McNally Jackson in NYC. I have a much-loved pencil case from there, along with a few other well-made small desk things.

I also like the MOMA Design Store and, in your neck of the woods, Canoe.
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I haven’t shopped with them yet, but I like their mission and want to recommend them based on research I’ve done while planning for a move close to one of their stores: Tender Loving Empire. For similar reasons, I’m also interested in shopping at Paper Source.
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Omoi Zakka -- has everything you're looking for
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I came in here to recommend JetPens, but since someone's beaten me to the punch I'll offer a not-entirely-relevant perfume recommendation: NASA's Eau de Space, described as “'seared steak, raspberries, and rum,' smokey and bitter" in this article. (I just ordered myself a bottle via their Kickstarter; no idea what it actually smells like, but NASA + perfume?!)
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