Casual Men’s Shorts Recs
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My husband needs some new shorts but he has specific requirements.

The requirements are:
- drawstring waist
- back pocket (this is the most important - non-negotiable)
- cotton or mostly cotton (not “performance”/athletic material)
- purchasable online from the US

These are walking/mowing/chores shorts, no need to be fancy. He is tallish and thin.

Any recommendations?
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I have shorts from Reebok like this. You can sort by material on their website to rule out the synthetic stuff. You'll have to go through each one to see what pic kets they have.
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I just recently bought a pair of drawstring khaki shorts from amazon. Aside from the waist, they’re a normal pair of khakis - fabric, cut, pockets. They’re amazon’s own Goodthreads brand.
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Yeah, these Amazon shorts fit the bill. (I have a couple of pairs.)

Some surf/skate brands sell them as "cotton board shorts" but that's not as common as ones that are really meant to be used in the water.
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^^Those are the exact ones I’m talking about, except I get the 11”.
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There are many shorts that fit those requirements at Uniqlo.
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I'm a big fan of Chubbies shorts and, as far as I can tell, they meet all your requirements. You'll want to look under their 'casual shorts' tab.
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Expensive, but these are the best shorts I've ever owned. I avoid sweatshop-made clothing and do a lot of traveling so lightweight, fast dry, and durable are important to me. I own 6 pairs of the New Way Shorts and 3 of the New Way Longs. I hike and bike in them, swim in them, laze in them. Super comfortable and lightweight. I've probably had them 7 or 8 years and they look as good as new. I'm often in sunny climates so wear shorts as much as 10 months a year. Paired with a linen shirt I don't know a more breathable summer outfit.
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