How to use Microsoft MyAnalytics for basic work metrics?
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My workplace uses the Microsoft Office suite, including MyAnalytics, which provides insights into your productivity and focus. It tells me some mildly interesting things, but the only two things I actually really want to know from it are - 1) How many hours a day, week and month do I spend working? And 2) at what times of day, on average?

This seems like such a basic question I'm sure I missed have missed an obvious answer. I've read all the instructions and reviews I can find online, looked for this in the 'Help' section and combed through all the different menu options, but I can't seem to find this information anywhere. I assume it must be collected, in order to arrive at all the other outputs, for example, 'Percentage of time spent focusing/collaborating' ?

Does anyone know if I can answer the above 2 questions using MyAnalytics? Can you explain it to this luddite please?

Thank you!
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Response by poster: PS. Also welcome - personal and professional opinions on whether MyAnalytics is actually a worthwhile tool to engage with on a regular basis, and if so, how to make the most of it!
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I think the lions share of it's data collection comes from Outlook. The collaboration tab within MyAnalytics on office365's website seems to have some of that info you're after, at least assuming you work mostly within the Outlook ecosystem.
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As a self analysis tool it is so so. AFAIK as an observational/supervisory tool it is just a cute kitten.

As it is heavily based off Outlook activity including the calendar, if your workforce does activity outside of the scope of Outlook (Ie. adoption of calendar use is poor) no good data will come of it.

At my workplace MyAnalytics happens to be functioning as a mere fad, but the corporate IT runs some pretty big brother like software to be the final judge of how and when people are working. This is just as the final backup to web time cards, Skype presence and 2nd or 3rd hand verifiable activity.
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I would agree that it is more about providing some "insights" rather than compiling a big raw data set for you to look at. So while it won't tell you how much you are working it will suggest that you might be working outside of normal business hours or that your too full calendar isn't leaving you time for yourself.
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