Looking for a magician/comedy clip
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This should be very famous but I can't remember it. There's an old clip where the magician tells a young person to pay attention to the piece of like towel paper in his hand. And the entire trick is about how the magician just throws the pieces of paper towel away behind the recipient, for all of the actual audience to see. So for the audience there is no trick, it's just this guy throwing pieces of paper around and manipulating the attention of the person on stage. It's very famous? But can someone remember the magician and/or the link?
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That particular sequence isn't ringing any bells for me, but it sounds very much like something The Amazing Jonathan would do.
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Best answer: Yes! It's a great clip. I believe you're looking for the great Slydini
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Response by poster: Yes! Slydini! Precisely And the clip I was thinking of was this one.
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Oh, that's awesome.
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I remember a similar trick...might have been David Blaine...and I think playing cards instead and everyone can see him throwing them and haha jokes on that guy, but at the end he asks the people standing around to pick up the cards and they aren't there, they're in all their pockets and behind ears and such.
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