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What are some fun alternatives to an engagement ring, and even traditional wedding band?

Hi mefites, asking this question for a friend!

The context: A pair of our friends will soon/ish be engaged. Friend A- let's call him Larry- has been saving up for an engagement ring. The idea of marriage and having a physical symbol of it are important to our friends, especially Friend B who we will call Betsy.

The issue: Betsy can be scatterbrained, and has a lot of trouble with misplacing and losing things. She works swing shifts, and this really does a number on her sleep and mental focus pre/post work. An expensive and sentimental jewelry gift from Larry was recently lost, which has led them to rethink the idea of a traditional engagement ring. She wouldn't be able to wear the ring at work, so the potential for misplacing or losing it would be high.

The question: What are some fun alternatives to an engagement ring, and even traditional wedding band, that my friends could consider?

Additional details:
-both Larry and Betsy like the idea of forgoing the traditional engagement ring/band, there is not angst around that choice
-The issue of lost $$$ is an important part of this, so less expensive options are ideal.
-Betsy loves all things Celtic
-alternative options do not need to be wearable/jewelry
-really looking for cool alternatives here, not suggestions on how to not lose rings

Thanks all!
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You might be able to find an artist, craftsperson, or even a rigger, to create an ornamental knot—it's hard to get more Celtic than that. I've seen them used as framed artworks, necklaces, as parts of clothing (shirts, dresses), as mats, as tableware.
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I think sterling is very pretty, and rings made of it are really cheap at your local head shop. If I tended to lose things and my sweetie gave me a dozen simple rings (and a promise of another dozen any time) instead of a single fancy expensive one, I'd feel very loved and accepted.
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The first thing that popped into my head is a lovespoon. I think it would be cool to commission one or buy one ready made that includes symbols that are important to the couple. I checked on Etsy and they have some samples.
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Are they attached to the idea of a physical object? How about ring tattoos?
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I was thinking ring tattoos too but also other body modification alternatives like a uv tattoo (so a wedding ring tattoo that glows in the dark). Other options include a getting branded on your ring finger- with maybe a meaningful symbol. They could also plant two trees that could grow intertwined.
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A finger tattoo is hard to lose. A very simple Celtic knot maybe?
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My husband commissioned a painting by a local artist to propose with. It's absolutely lovely and hangs on our living room wall.
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My stepfather proposed to my mother with a personalized music box.
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I have friends who both wear lovely chainmail bracelets instead of wedding bands. And other friends who wear necklaces with their rings as pendants.
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Yeah, no ring tattoos. Sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes one person outlives the other and remarries. Same thing about getting a tattoo with your SO's name or face.
How about silicon wedding rings? A somewhat safer alternative and easier to replace.
Seconding a wedding portrait or other couple's painting at a place that has special significance. Use a photo that can be stored in a secure area in case of fire or flood damage.
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These are really neat suggestions so far, thanks all!
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necklaces are easier. Buy a *bunch* of these, add a split ring and wear on a silver chain, silk cord, add to a watchband, etc.

Make a substantial donation to any aid group in S. Africa where diamonds = blood.

Get a bunch of silicon https://www.imore.com/best-silicone-rings-men-and-women, in lots of colors.
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My sister handed her husband a sweet electric guitar instead of a ring, which he then played at their reception. It was very significant to them, he uses it every day to make their life better and more beautiful.
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They could make challenge coins with a custom image on each side. Then, carry them around everywhere they go in a pocket, or not. My wife and I have wedding rings, but neither of us wear them on our fingers, so they might as well be coins or any other object.
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