What was the song that sampled the "There is no America" speech from Network?
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Tracking down a song that sampled a famous speech from the movie "Network."

I just watched the movie Network this evening and when Jensen gave his brilliant speech, I realized I'd heard part of it before, sampled in some sort of techno song I estimate from the early 90's. Anyone have a clue what that song/band might be? It's driving me a little nuts. Here's the sampled part:

"There is no America; there is no democracy. There is only IBM, and ITT, and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today."

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Best answer: Any of this sound right?

49. Network [15 points] (3 groups, 3 songs, 7 samples)
"I want you to get up, go to the winodw, open it, stick your head out and
yell: I'm as mas as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore" **
"There is no america, there is no democracy" *
"There is only IBM, ITT, Union Carbide and Exxon" *
"There is only one holistic system of systems. One vast and immense
interwoven interactive multivariate multinational dominion of dollars." *
- Snog, Corporate Slave
(Note: * = Original Mix, ** = Alpha 66 Mix)

"There is no America, there is no democracy, there is only IBM and ITT and
ATT and Dupont, Dowell, Union Carbide, and Exxon"
- Consolidated, America number one, The Myth of Rock

* "I'm Mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
* "[the sound of the crowds yelling the previous out of their windows]"
- D.H.S., Bad Acid #9, House of God double 12"

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It's got to be Consolidated.
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Another song sampling Network, but not the part you quote: "Captain Webb" by Baby Mammoth.
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I'll second Consolidated. They also sample They Live on that album if I remember correctly.
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There's also Television, the Drug of a Nation, by the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.

And now that will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. "Where image takes precedence over wisdom."
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Oh, I realized my song doesn't sample the right part ... sorry about that.
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Definitely "Corporate Slave" by Snog (from 1992's "Lies, Inc.").
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Seconding "Corporate Slave", as I just finished doing a Snog-a-thon (I wish I was british so that the double-entendre might have held water...)
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