Tell me stories of small victories
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These are trying times, but also hopeful ones when you look at good people doing good things as a matter of principle. The BLM protests are particularly important. However, it may all be rather US-centric, or sort of generally newsworthy-centric. I just wanted to ask all you good folk for stories where things are happening in unexpected places, small places, but important ones.

I have an example, which is not actually a small or a local one, but which is the source of this question and one that most Americans probably won't notice. Formula 1 had a very large reaction to BLM protests, way, way larger than I expected. For context, this is a racing series almost entirely centered in Europe. So all of F1 and FIA, the governing body, could have just ignored it entirely. But they didn't, and instead, well, the silver arrows are black now, there are rainbow flags on cars, #WeRaceAsOne, etc. And it's all because of (unfortunately) one person, Lewis Hamilton, the first black driver in F1, and the second most successful driver of all time (and is going to be the best driver of all time in a year or two).
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There is a lovely newsletter aptly named Small Victories that quite literally does just that. I’ve enjoyed the oddly-named Future Crunch even more. They deliver some really great, uplifting news, and they donate proceeds to a host of really excellent projects. (It’s free to subscribe; contributions are voluntary.)
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Try David Byrne's digital magazine Reasons To Be Cheerful. I think it might be just what you're looking for.
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Over here in the Yucatán a friend of mine has started a business selling N100 masks. He charges extra high prices to those of us who can afford it and gives the masks for free to the (very large) impoverished population here. In addition he’s keeping nearly 20 out-of-work minority seamstresses employed making them. So far he’s shipped about 20,000.
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I thought it was kind of awesome when the local breweries started making hand sanitizer.
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Something that happened around here a few years back (written up afterwards by the Stranger) was that a gay couple moved to Orcas Island to open a bakery, and when they were building out the place they flew the American and Pride flags on their pole, a pretty central location in town, and everyone was super happy. Well... almost everyone.

The couple was in a car crash and while they were recuperating and islanders were helping get the bakery set up in their absence, someone asked for the key to the flagpole to take the rainbow flag down. This prompted the owners to never take it down as they had planned after pride, and people liked it. But then they got an anonymous complaint from some number of people who basically said, being gay is fine but you don't have to shove it in our faces! That sort of thing.

They were sad but decided to take it down and within a day people were asking, where's the flag? It had become a landmark for many on the island. The news got into the local paper, then a state senator talked about it, and everyone was saying, that's a pretty cowardly thing, to anonymously complain like that.

This gave the guys their confidence back, bought some extra rainbow flags, and asked if other business owners would be willing to fly one, and everyone basically told them, are you kidding? We already ordered our own.

So within days of a few intolerant folks complaining about one flag, there were now dozens, flying at every shop in town. And as far as I know they're still there. I thought that was a nice small victory.
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Kindling is another newsletter that brings good news. Small victories, big victories, etc. "Today's good news. Yesterday's genius. Tomorrow's possibilities." It's US based but the news is international.
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