What happens at the end of Spectre (computer game)?
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How many levels are there in the computer game Spectre/Spectre Supreme/Spectre VR? What happens at the end?

Wandering through some old software in storage, I came upon my original 3.5's for Spectre Supreme. Thinking back, I'm certain that I never beat the game, maxing out probably at around level 30. I know there are more than 50 levels because the level select code could take you that far, but how many levels are there?

I also found my CD for Spectre VR, which is the same game but with better graphics and cool QuickTime cutscenes between levels. The cutscenes and the backstory in the manual lay out a cyberpunk world in which a hero fights towards a mafia kingpin who's hiding in cyberspace, with a benevolent "presence" helping out as well. Browsing through the video clips on the CD, I can't find an endgame cutscene. What happens at the end of the game?
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I played the first two extensively, but never spent much time with VR, so I can't say anything about the plot. As for the first two, however, I'm pretty sure there is no end... I can't remember exactly, but I think I stopped bothering after levels somewhere in the high 100s. It didn't seem to be moving towards any kind of conclusion, though. Of course, VR may be a whole different can of worms...

(The trick, I found, to getting through the game without ever dying is to always use a custom tank with all armor and speed, and no ammo. Ignore the enemies, grab the flags, recharge the armor as needed...)
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