A COOL but marshmallow fluffy comforter?
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I sleep hot but I need that cuddly offerings of a fluffy comforter. I’ve seen some expensive ones advertised, are they worth it? Other brands?

I need a breathable cool comforter that also has a fluffy cuddly option to deal with hot flashes/night sweats/ heat intolerance when I sleep. I REALLY don’t regulate my temp while sleeping.

This Buffy one has been advertised but is over $200. Is it worth it? Other options with similar materials?

Cool / breathable
Fluffy / cuddly
No down
Machine washable
Full / queen
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I have heard good things about the Gravid weighted blanket with the EcoBreeze duvet. I don't have personal experience with it yet, however.
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You know, my wife and I both have comforters from Society6 and they are surprisingly nice - fluffy and cuddly, and keep me nice and warm in the winter, but are also reasonably cool enough that we both use them year round. I suppose I stick my feet out the bottom in the summer, but in general I never feel hot with mine.
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I sprang for a wool comforter and love it. Wool is more breathable and temperature regulating than down. You will be nice and warm, without sweating the night away. Definitely worth the price.
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IKEA rates their duvets from cooler to extra warm. They are very inexpensive at the “cooler” level. I learned this here a long time ago, and they are a lifesaver for us.
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