Where to buy an old-timey men's swimsuit?
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I'd like to purchase the kind of patterned "bathing costume" that men used to wear back in the day (see the Beatles in this famous pic). I'm specifically looking for something like what Paul and Ringo are wearing – a looser matching two-piece set, rather than a tight one-piece. Help!
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The ones Paul and Ringo are wearing are one piece outfits. This kind of thing is super-easy to make, but hard to find in the big stripe variety (you can usually find plain white 'long' (short-long?) underwear like this, but it's usually a more flimsy material). Ask anyone you know who sews what they think.
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These are a bit of a modern take on the old-timey look, but might work for you?

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I have that beefcake swimsuit and while it is very cool looking in theory, it was not actually designed for the kind of anatomy Paul and Ringo are sporting. Just a heads up in case you don't want to put on any free shows.
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