Exercise Bike/Indoor cycling apps for iOS/iPad??
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Please recommend iOS/iPad apps suitable for a *beginner* indoor cyclist/exercise bike user. All the ones I found googling on recommendation lists seem to be for experienced cyclists, and focus on a "realistic" virtual experience. And any gamification seems to be about racing against other experienced cyclists. I don't care whether the app is realistic or not. And I would like to see different fun game modes that don't look intimidating for beginners, even ones where there are no virtual bicycles involved at all (maybe I want to pretend I'm sailing a yacht! Or flying a WWI biplane!) ... Subscription $ apps are welcome. Thank you very much for any tips!
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I know zwift marketing makes a big deal about virtual races but it really is beginner appropriate. It’s very cartoony. They have good starting training programs and you can just ride. Both my son and my wife are new to cycling and have enjoyed riding around on zwift.
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Best answer: You can do a lot of non-racing things on Zwift. It's actually one of the more gamified bike apps out there. Not that many people actually race on it.

All riding gives you experience points, which upon leveling up, give you access to more cosmetic items such as shirts and socks.

You also get tokens that you can redeem to unlock bikes and wheels, which are 99% cosmetic.

There's a main huge map that can be explored at your own pace, with all kinds of different terrain and silly discoveries. There are a few smaller "realistic" maps which are less interesting but are available.

There are group rides that are specifically for beginners. It is very motivational to sign up for a ride, show up with a hundred or so other riders, and finish with them.

There are huge group rides that can have a thousand other riders. We're not racing against each other, just riding together. There's always someone faster, and someone slower. Sometimes at the end you get a shirt or something that your character can wear.

There are training programs where you get workout guidance about how much power to put out and for how long, with appropriate rest periods. There are workouts as short as 30 minutes. There are long term programs which can be a few months. It scales to your current fitness level.

It's really hard to find an exercise game that's going to make you forget that you're exercising. What Zwift will do is provide some company, some structure, and some measurements of progress.
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