Bands Oasis has hyped or dissed?
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MeanMonobrowHypeMachinefilter: I'm looking for a list of bands that have been hyped or dissed by Oasis. I know they're hyping Secret Machines right now, and have done the same for The Soundtrack Of Our Lives in the past. Quotes from Liam or Noel are very welcome.
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Didn't they say they were going to be the next Beatles?

I imagine that's either hyping or dissing them, retroactively, based on what you think of Oasis...
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This one turned out to be false, but when I read it I smiled...

Liam on Morrissey:
"Yeah, he's a real bird that one. I saw'm in LA when we was doing "The Truth" LP, and I felt I was watchin me uncle, sports coat and all singing tunes around the piano. Noel loves him, for me, he is for the blokes, if ya know what I mean."
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Legend has it that Liam once said that he hoped the members of Blur "catch AIDS and die."
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Noel recently called Jack White "Zorro on doughnuts." Noel is a goddamn wanker, but I have to say that's one good fucking line.
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The Stands
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I remember reading that they dissed the Screaming Trees when they were on tour with them in the States back in the mid-'90s. When the Trees got wind of it, the Conner brothers threathened to squash them, or something to that effect.
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Paul Weller

Noel is a long-standing fan/friend of Weller (they play on each other's records all the time) -- he was pissed at the Brit organizers, not Weller.
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Can't provide a quote but Noel dissed Neil Young onstage at a show they were opening for him.

(They sounded great, but it took Neil one bar of Hey Hey, My My to blow them off the stage)
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On Morrissey:
'Whatever you put down in a lyric, he'll do it better. He's the best lyricist I've ever read.'
Noel Gallagher
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The Rolling Stones and U2.
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They also hyped the now defunct Cotton Mather (self-link, before anyone calls me on it). This is Noel in MOJO, August 2001:

What are you listening to these days?
"Cotton Mather, Kontiki. It was through you boys at MOJO; the review said they sounded like The Beatles on a 4-track. One Sunday I stuck it on... track 5, I thought, Bastards! It was like the Beatles. I thought if that isn't the best record I've heard in 10 years, then I don't know what is. It's one of my favourites of all time."

Liam also said ""I fucking wish it was [ours]. I play it all day at home."
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