Help me find a duvet cover
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I bought this duvet cover from West Elm about 5 years ago. As you can see, I got bleach on it today. :( Can you help me locate something similar? West Elm doesn’t appear to carry it anymore. Suggestions for other duvet covers are welcomed too. I like the yellow!
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I don't know, but I wanted to compliment you on your bed making and taste. You make a nice bed.
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Doesn't it have the pattern on both sides, so you could put the marked side down? There also might be an identifying number on a tag that you could use to put an alert on Ebay, if someone is selling the same set later.
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Excellent bedmaking skills!

I would sacrifice a pillow and applique over the bleach spot with matching fabric stolen from the pillow case.
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This one from Crate & Barrel has a similar geometric print look. On my screen, it looks like there is a goldish accent, or you could add yellow back in with contrasting pillow covers, or a yellow sheet folded down over the duvet. I'm sorry bleach got on your duvet!

(Sorry, if link isn't working, it's the Medina Geometric Duvet Cover)
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I can't tell if it's grey or brown with yellow on my screen, but there are several West Elm duvet sets on eBay. I have three dogs, so I've gotten good at being creative about casually hiding minor household damage.

If nothing else turns up, I would just get a little throw blanket and casually place it over that spot. There are cool ways you can fold them so it looks intentional. Home Goods has a treasure trove of them in every color/shade imaginable. Remember to bring a pillowcase and match it. Also don't forget to take the pillow case and potential throw near the window in the store so you're not matching based on the shitty store fluorescent lighting.

I'm guessing the bleach spilled through to the backside, and that's why you can't just flip it?

This is exactly why we switched to the bleach nuggets a couple years ago. I highly recommend them!
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Off topic, but have you considered taking the simple step of patching over it with a similar fabric in a pattern you like? Maybe make two symmetrical patches so it looks less errant, but still... replacing an entire duvet cover for one small spot makes the voice of my mom pop up in my mind, telling me how easy it would be to sew this thing into being better than its original form.
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This very much reminds me of Orla Kiely's bedding designs and colours. In particular Acorn Cup Slate design or some of her Stem designs. She loves a yellow too!
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You might like Lisa Corti’s bedspreads.
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The back of the duvet cover is solid gray
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If you don't find a replacement cover you like, there's a DIY solution - try to find a fabric paint pen in the darker color and lightly touch up the bleached-out bits. I had a similar bleach incident on the sleeves of a pajama top I liked and that worked pretty well.

Here's a duvet cover from Bed Bath and Beyond that might work. Here's another one.

Or, you could go with an intentionally solid color for the duvet and go crazy with pattern on the pillows and a throw. That would make it easy to change things up a bit now and then - I have just a couple solid colored bedspreads, and then I have a bunch of different pillow shams and throws and mix and match. If you went that route, you could just flip over the duvet cover, keep the pillows, and find a couple coordinating throws.
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Our current duvet cover (also in a yellow pattern) came from West Elm, but looking at their website now, they don't seem to have any of the striking patterns like they used to.

Our previous duvet cover came from Ikea, which always has a great array of patterns and colors available. If the repair suggestions above don't work out, the Ikea textiles may be a good option for you to explore.
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I have that very same West Elm duvet cover and I love it very much. I have had my eye on this Orla Kieley design (currently on sale!) should anything ever happen to it.
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Something grey, (a bit of) yellow, and geometric from Simons (a Quebec department store that generally has unique patterns).
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Probably a bit wild, but with lots of yellow in it, here.

A little more subdued, here.

Then this one which to me comes closest to the geometric feel of your duvet, here.

And here. No yellow though.

I like looking for things like this, so this was fun. I know how it is to be attached to a beloved item. I hope you find a replacement or something sufficiently close to it to be satisfied.
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A person who sews could use fabric from a pillow to make a patch that would be pretty hard to see. If they used 1 side of 1 pillow and replaced it with a solid, it would look good.
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This one from John Lewis gives me similar vibes.
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