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This is growing in Barcelona. Grows very quickly. Amaranth?
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From the leaves, it looks a bit like a Brugmansia (angel's trumpet), which is a woody shrub, but may be growing back after having been cut down, or perhaps a Datura, which is very similar but not woody. Either way, it will have large trumpet-shaped flowers, usually yellow, orange or white, which point upwards in Datura and downwards in Brugmansia, and have soft leaves with an unpleasant smell. Also, be warned, if it is either of these, it is very poisonous.
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Response by poster: I don't think it's either one of those. If you look at what looks like the flower that is starting to grow, it's going to have a lot of little flowers, not one large one.
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Best answer: Seek tells me that it is a Palmer's Amaranth - on the basis of your photo (I love Seek) - tasty apparently!
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