Most strategic reproductive rights organizations to support?
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I support Planned Parenthood with my dollars. Is this the most effective way to support reproductive rights considering the relentless determination of righteous conservatives to control women's bodies? I already vote accordingly and make sure my representatives hear from me on these issues. I'm also very concerned about the threat to ACA coverage for all aspects of women's health, including contraception, pregnancy and delivery as a consequence of continuing opposition to the ACA itself. It's so upsetting and enraging that I feel an urgent need to put my donations into the hands of the best prepared organizations to support the rights of women. Those with an inside and informed perspective- where do you donate? What would you suggest to those with a few dollars to donate?
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Personally, I donate to the National Network of Abortion Funds, my local abortion fund, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and my local reproductive rights nonprofit.
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On the MeFi Wiki ThereIsHelp page, in the Abortion and Contraception section, there are a variety of organizations listed that support access to reproductive rights, including with funding, transportation, lodging, and escorting, to help secure reproductive health care.
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I donate to the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Sistersong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, who are based in Louisiana and do marvelous reproductive justice work in the US South.
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Keep in mind the distinction between Planned Parenthood Federation of America which is a 501(c)(3), so donations are tax deductible, but that means the org is constrained in certain ways, and Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the advocacy arm, which is a 501(c)(4), so donations are not tax deductible, but that allows PPAF to work in ways that PPFA cannot.
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I donate to the National Abortion Federation and my local abortion fund. I don't know if this is the most "strategic" but abortion funds make real differences in pregnant people's lives.
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I donate to Resolve the National Infertility Association. In addition to providing support to individuals and families going through infertility, they also do a lot in terms of trying to fight personhood laws, which are the same laws that make obtaining an abortion in some states nearly impossible. They also do a lot to support LGBTQ and Veteran families.
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I set up a monthly donation to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. It appears to have a focus on legal strategies to protect women's reproductive rights, and has sufficient infrastructure to follow through with cases nationwide, which is what I am moved to support at this time. I know it's only a financial contribution, but it's what I can do during a pandemic.

Thank you all for your responses!
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