Suggestions for reference pages in bullet journal?
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I'm about to start a new bullet journal and enjoy adding helpful reference pages to them. I've found a Greek alphabet page helpful, as I teach math, and am wondering what other reference pages I could add. Samples that already exist in bujos are helpful, but not necessary.

Some ideas I've had so far:

+ Some math reference sheets, like those in
+ Knitting reference - yarn weights, needle sizes (including:
+ Cooking reference - conversion charts, making a 1/2 a recipe chart
+ Morse code reference

I do put my schedule and my school's info in it, but would also love general education material.

They don't all have to be super useful; I made a mathematical knot page last year that I enjoyed.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Going off on a tangent, your question reminded me of this pocket reference book: It's got trig formulas, plastic recycling symbols, computer ascii codes, proofreading marks, area codes, airport codes, planetary data, mineral hardness, knots, weather symbols, military ranks, etc...
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Guitar chords
Hard to remember but useful hot keys
Your all-purpose overnight packing list
Game Genie codes for your Nintendo
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Typographical terms for the elements of letterforms
Two- and three-letter words acceptable for use in Scrabble
The Krebs cycle
BonesĀ of the hand & wrist
Shape and arrangement of leaves
For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffrey
(A heads-up: this last is a religious poem about cats. It's also a list! And something, like the others here, that I've had tacked up for both reference and delight.)
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Seboshin, I don't normally need most of the information in that pocket reference, but I really, really want one now.

It turns out I have a lot of ideas:

- simple first aid guidance
- measurement conversions
- your elected officials and how to contact them
- Info about how to identify whatever you frequently see and go "huh, what's that (tree, car, mushroom, architectural flourish, flag, sea creature, etc.)?
- geometry formulas you find useful (like, I use the Pythagorean Theorem far more often in real life than I would have expected)
- shopping list of household staples and how often you replace them
- cryptography tables
- time zone map if you know people in a lot of places
- Instructions for something you vaguely want to do but haven't bothered learning - for example I learned all about how to recycle grey water from an old Slingshot planner
- a few mad libs-style pages in case you're stuck somewhere with a kid or whimsical adult and you get bored
- Tide table if you live somewhere coastal
- Local planting table if you garden
- list of small victories you can accomplish and celebrate on even your least functional day
- list of easy snacks you generally have available to feed yourself even if you're sick/depressed/busy and not thinking about food
- table of moon phases or when Mercury is retrograde etc. if that stuff matters to you
- I used to have a chart of different animals' gestational periods that was super cool, so maybe that
- lists of useful or interesting words in as many languages as you can find
- ask people you know to make an insert about something they're interested in or an expert in that you could read later

Crap, I probably need to start a bullet journal now, as I got way too excited about this question.
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-Standard packing list. I have seven categories in a two-page spread, and leave an eighth spot empty with room for a post-it to add items specific to a given trip.

-An unexpected free time list. So, ideas for things to do if I get an afternoon free, a weeknight, a whole weekend, etc., so if I need something to do there are ideas right there.

-Regular cleaning/maintenance

I don't have a ton of reference in my bullet journal, but I legit use these (or did, when going places and doing things was a thing.)
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Simple conversions of various measurements ml/oz, cm/inch C/F etc.

Cooking measurement conversions. Like Pints to cups. Tablespoons to cups etc.

If you do a lot of layouts. Then I like to do up a master page, with how many squares or cm between each line so I don't have to recalculate it each time.
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States and Capitals - Presidential Terms - Rulers of the UK with years they reigned
Alphabetical List of Countries with Capitals - The top 50 cities or metro areas in the world
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Tips for mathematical handwriting might be interesting from the Greek alphabet for math page.

I can't remember what they're called... There's a name for having a few numbered ruler like lines on a page and doing calculations by aligning a straight edge at the right points on a couple of lines and getting the answer from where that edge intersects a third line. A variation on the same principles as a slide rule. I might even try finding a way to make a paper slide rule.

The tips link I guess counts for my make maths monday a thing post.
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Nomogram. Slide rule is also good if you get down to the circular type.

You could draw some circles around a common center, and turn that into your kitchen units conversion calculator. Just put your pen from the center to one unit and it would cross the other unit lines and give you the answer.

Heh, I was looking up gnomograph and getting gnomes.
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Roman numerals if you don't already know them.
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I have the Military Alphabet posted at work for bad voice connections.
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I also HIGHLY suggest you look for a local mental health crisis helpline. Police often kill people on wellness checks and it could save someones life from complications of their illness. Other emergency numbers like poison control could also be helpful in a pinch!
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