Help finding a custom facemask manufacturer
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I'm looking for a manufacturer capable of producing tens of thousands of custom facemasks. Open to all suggestions and resources — including articles about ideal facemask design (e.g., fabrics, shape, etc.)
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For fabric, consider cotton + silk, which performed very well in tests.
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I’ve seen stuff about this company that used to manufacture school marching band uniforms, which is obviously shut down now. They say they do custom orders, though I don’t know any more about it than what’s in the FAQ
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My friend Veronica at Seattle-based Mother Earth Fine Art may be able to help you.
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When you talk about "custom" facemasks, do you mean handmade? I've spent a lot of time researching 3M N-95 availability and it has been super unsuccessful. But KN-95s (the ones made in China) are a decent alternative if you're getting them from a good source that's certified by the FDA etc.

In terms of buying large scale cloth masks, big retail companies are making them in large quantities. Would you be interested in reaching out to them about placing huge orders?
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Vistaprint has masks and specializes in custom printing. No idea of the quality, but I assume they would offer samples.
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Custom Ink
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Lots of promotional item companies are probably offering some sort of custom face masks, if by custom you mean a standard design with color choices and the option to add a logo. Just one example. These companies are hurting a lot with the cancellation of trade shows and conferences, so I'd be surprised if you found one that WASN'T offering face masks at this time.
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Wow — thank you, everyone, for such helpful responses!

To clarify what I mean by "custom", in reply to these questions —
When you talk about "custom" facemasks, do you mean handmade?
if by custom you mean a standard design with color choices and the option to add a logo.
— by "custom", I mean printing a design (e.g., logo) onto a standard face mask. It's unlikely to be handmade given that our order/s will be in the tens of thousands.
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