Should I stay part time at work, or leave?
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I have just been made part time in a role I actually quite enjoy (I work in non-profits, in a relaxed, junior position after years in senior roles, so I can focus on my writing while learning more about the non-profit sector), however I am conflicted on how I feel about the decision.

Positively, it will give me more free time to pursue my writing career and/or allow me to find a complementary part time position that aligns, whatever that is. However, since searching I have struggled to find a part time role that excites me, I really do not want to have to go back to freelancing or journalism (I now write fiction and I do not have the burning desire to work in media gain) and everything is a bit scattered due to the pandemic.

I am wondering whether it is worth the risk of searching for another full time role and leave this one even though there is a huge chance my hours will increase later subject to funding, and that I will lose working on a great team and projects. I cannot really afford to survive on my part time hours in spite of my decreased expenditure due to lockdown (I am in the UK), as a friend suggested I use this time to focus on my writing and worry about getting another job in a couple of months while things are more settled and opportunities open up.

There is a deeper inner conflict at work here too - I have this eternal struggle with wholeheartedly pursuing the creative life versus settling down with a comfortable well paid career track and a serious relationship and possibly children. I am 'all-in' person and do not feel I can do both.

Can anyone provide any insight on what to do next?

Thanks in advance!
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Don't put the cart before the horse. There is no reason to not casually search and apply for positions that interest you right now. Applying is not getting a job offer is not taking a job offer. The absolute best time to search for a job is when you don't urgently need one, because it gives you the luxury of being picky. A low key, part-time job search should not take up too much of your time, and will put you in a much better position if you get to the point where you are desperate, because you'll have shaken off the rust of applying, and have a better idea of what the options are.

Basically, it's way, way harder to make any of these decisions - about job, about creative life, etc., when you're only working with theoretical options. You can make decisions if and when you have actual, concrete options.
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Not sure about the NP vibe in the UK, but in my US NP world, just because they say it's part-time doesn't mean that they won't give you a full-time amount of work to do and expect you to do it. Pay attention to that factor when you are deciding about next-steps. If you're going to do full-time work, you should get a full paycheck.
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It sounds like the status quo isn't really tenable long term. I would look for a new full-time role. There is more than one non-profit organisation in the UK with great teams and great projects, so start looking for a new job. Even going really quickly it will take at least a month or two to secure a new job, and depending on how unicorn-ish your requirements are it could take a year or two. If a merely so-so opportunity turns up you don't have to take it.
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