Getting into the things I am avoiding
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What books should I read to help with my avoidant behaviour?

I made a vow to my partner to do some work at looking at my avoidant behaviour. Right now I think that means reading books, but if there are other online resources, I'm open to that too. What are your recommendations please.
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It might be helpful if we knew what you're avoiding.
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Are you talking about something like procrastination or about Avoidant Personality Disorder? Or avoidant in terms of attachment styles?
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Avoidance is also a symptom of anxiety, and ADHD.
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Ah. More in terms of Avoidant for personalities. Avoiding conflict.
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The book Attached reviews attachment styles (secure, anxious, avoidant) and gives examples as to how these styles play out in conflict. It has really helped me already to relate to my partner in a more secure way, so might be a useful resource!
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Psychology in Seattle on youtube talks about attachment styles a lot and how you can work toward secure relationships. He analyses "real" (reality tv) relationships so you can see concrete examples in action, and scripts of how it might have gone differently. Would recommend to watch it with your partner if you both are open to it.
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