Which car should I sell?
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I have a 11-yr old Toyota Corolla, a standard transmission with 300,000 KM on it. I just recently got my mom’s car, also a 11-yr old Corolla, which is an automatic and has under 100,000 km - I just put $1000 into maintenance on it. Both cars are doing fine. I would like to sell one of these cars. Which one should I sell?
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Is your aim to maximize $ or longevity? If you are planning to drive one as long as possible keep the lower mileage one. If you need to make the most money sell the lower mileage one. Seems pretty straightforward.
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It's possible that you'd get about the same amount for both, in which case you should def sell the older one.
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No way, the lower-mileage one should get much more. Corollas can run well beyond 300k km. One with 100k is basically brand new.

The first comment had it. Decide whether you want to maximize longevity or money, and the decision is made for you.
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Do you like driving manual? Do encounter a lot of stop-and-go driving where an automatic would be a benefit?
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Use Edmunds appraiser to value them. Do you need more cash? 100K miles and automatic has much better value. You could get them looked at by a mechanic to make sure there's no more expenses coming up. Check stuff like timing belts, which need replacement. If you get them looked at by the same trusted mechanic, take their advice.
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I went from manual to automatic and I miss manual SO much. Definitely consider your enjoyment, if you do enjoy it.
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How have the cars been used and cared for? If the lower mileage car has done many short trips, has been infrequently serviced etc. it could actually be more worn out than the car with 3X the mileage-if the high mileage car has been used for highway travel and well maintained.
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It is harder to get another manual car. If you enjoy driving manual, hang onto it.
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Re the dearth of manual transmissions in new cars, note that electric cars have the same feel as manuals -- *instant* response to accelerator, and max power always available as if you'd already downshifted. I drove manuals my whole life, then went EV 10 years ago, and it's been a freaking joy. EVs are stealth dragsters :)

There are a dozen models out there to choose from, two dozen if you are in California (long story), and they're not all Tesla.
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