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I'm looking for options for remote work for a BSN.

My wife will be unable to work away from home for the next year or two. She's a BSN, from one of the top nursing institutions in the country, and has worked on a hospital floor for 6 years. We will hopefully be having a baby during this time period. She would like to have the option to work remotely, for a very few hours a week to earn some extra income. We're thinking like 5-10 hours a week. She's too overwhelmed to handle this right now and I'm just trying to figure out what her options are---this is far from my field. Thanks so much. We are in the US.
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My insurance company offers a phone-a-nurse hotline where you can call to ask medical questions. I'm not sure how often those jobs come up, or if you can work from home, but it might work for your wife.
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Google the words "Telehealth" or "remote" or "triage". Found some options on linkedin (not sure if there are better health related career websites.
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Care Management/UR.
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Some worker's compensation insurance programs use nurses to approve treatment plans, but I don't know if they'd do so on such a part time basis. Some public health programs are using nurses for contact tracing and followup calls, as well. My information is based on nurses I know in Canada, but this might suggest avenues to look at in the US.
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Case review for insurance companies
Contact tracing for coronavirus
Also search for job titles like RN Clinical Care Consultant and RN Care Coordinator

Looks like Humana, Unum and Wellpath are hiring RNs to work remotely
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Just about any health insurance plan will have need for nurses to work with high risk members and members with chronic conditions in care management, case review, quality improvement programs, clinical initiative management, all kinds of things. This is a job that can easily be done 100% remotely - in fact I know of several orgs in Massachusetts that have converted almost their entire staff to remote and intends to keep them that way indefinitely.
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