Why is my network appearing even when the router is off?
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After a few days of wonky Internet I decided to do a periodic reset, and unplugged the modem and router across the house. The wifi network is still appearing, though, and phones and desktops are connecting to it (without internet), even after “forget this network”, it’s findable and connects. I can’t ping or connect to other devices in the house, though. What’s up with the “ghost” network?
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Best answer: Do you have any range extenders/repeaters on your network?
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What pipeski is suggesting. Sounds like something is still broadcasting.
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When you say "unplugged", are you referring to the network cable(s), or the power cord? If your wireless router is still getting power, it will broadcast the network even if there is no connection to the Internet.
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Response by poster: We DO have a range extender! Thank you! I was starting feel like I was in the Twilight Zone.
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