ISO bluetooth headset with good multipoint support
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Do you have a multipoint bluetooth headset that you are happy with? Cannot find one that will play nice with my laptop and phone at the same time.

I have already tried three or four different ones from different manufacturers, but can't get one that will work well with both my android phone and my arch linux laptop and switch seamlessly between the two. Every one of them will exhibit some level of disfunction - either it will refuse to connect /disconnect correctly when both devices are in range, or it will connect but will play no sound or capture no input.

Very annoyingly, all of them will happily interrupt an ongoing call on the phone to play a half second bleep from the laptop and then stay connected to the laptop without a good way to quickly switch back - but I suspect this is an inherent multipoint problem and may not have a good solution.

Do you have a headset that you are already using with a similar setup and like?
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Best answer: I use the Logitech H800. It allows me to connect to my phone via Bluetooth and has a mini USB receiver (no Bluetooth) for my laptop. The headset has a switch that allows me to select either phone(Bluetooth) or laptop(USB receiver). The H800 is reasonably priced at under $100 and the sound quality is very good on both ends. I can also used the head set all day on a single charge.
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Best answer: I have a Jabra Evolve 75 headset. I use it with a 2015 MacBook Pro and an iPhone 7; I do not have their proprietary Bluetooth dongle but I wish I did.

It happily works with both devices, which is awesome. It has some noise cancellation. The battery lasts forever.

It is pricey and over-the-ear, which may be a problem for some people.
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Response by poster: Finally got the Jabra delivered, and it is indeed pretty nice - I was pleasantly surprised by the usb dongle Just Working with arch even though I first plugged it in halfway through a call (!). Significantly pricier than what I was expecting to spend but well worth the money.
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Glad you're happy! :7)

Recently, I found the dongle jammed into a deep slot in the headphone case -- and it works FANTASTIC with my laptop. w00t!
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