The Raid: Redemption
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Talk me through applying Raid Flea Killer like I’m 5.

For some reason, although I have no pets and move each year, I always get a flea problem in my room when their season hits. Historically, I’ve just called exterminators, but my current roommates are uncomfortable with that, and I’d like to save some money, so I’m trying traps and commercial flea spray as an intermediary step. The instructions for Raid Flea Killer are weirdly vague; you’re supposed to do all surfaces of all upholstered furniture, but nothing that people touch? Am I supposed to spray it on my bed? What about pillows? Are you supposed to do hard floors (our floor is wood veneer?). The instructions say to leave after I spray, but for how long?

This would just be in one bedroom/home office with a bed and couch in it. Talk me through what you’ve done.

(Caveats: I already know to wash my bedding and to vacuum as often as possible. I’m totally sure that they’re fleas; I see them in my glue trap, I know what the bites look like, and I’d know if they were bedbugs because I’m allergic to bedbugs.)
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I can't answer your question directly, but I can say that I have helped erradicate a flea infestations with liberal daily applications of diatomaceous earth followed by vacuuming (the rugs and floor and furnature) and laundering (the bedding etc) an hour or so later.
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Response by poster: I should add — I’m not able to launder daily, as I’m dependent on a crowded neighborhood laundromat where people don’t wear masks.
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When I had fleas in an old rental, I did the diatomaceous earth thing with no success. What worked, like immediately, was spraying with the Pyrethrins/Permethrin/Pyripoxyfen combo. I don't recall doing anything more than cleaning up the place, spraying the room and going some place else for ~4 hours. I believe I stripped the bed prior to spraying and washed my clothes + sheets on spray day. It cleared up the problem immediately.
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 our floor is wood veneer

My sole data point from using Raid Flea Killer is: beware of wood veneer flooring. I applied it, as per instructions, left apartment for the required time, came back and skidded flat on my arse the instant I got in the door. The wood floor was so slick I could barely stand. Please be careful.
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Response by poster: Oh no, Scruss! What did you do to alleviate it?
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The dog and home (rugs, esp.) occasionally get fleas. I use a flea powder with Permethrin on the floors, sprinkling liberally. Bathe the dog, dose collar with Permethrin. wait. Vacuum. Repeat in a week for any strays.
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But you asked about using Raid. Instructions are here (highlights) and here(pdf). It just says ventilate before returning. I would spray as directed, close doors and windows, go to another room or elsewhere. I'd wait several hours, then open windows and use a fan, and go elsewhere again for a couple hours, then return. Looks like active ingredients are permethrins(not super-toxic to to mammals like us) and other stuff that I don't know about.
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