video games for kids where you explore a world to run a cheap pc
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My kids have just played a short hike on a spare computer: Its a lovely game where you explore an island and climb a mountain. There's no shooting, nothing inappropriate for young kids It's a bit like a point and click adventure, except you can walk (fly,climb) around freely, which means the youngest sibling (3) can follow what the others are doing and have a turn without needing to be able to read. And it all runs happily on a mediocre computer with onboard graphics. Oh and it cost five dollars in the bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality: Multiplayer games that on the same machine or network, that can be played with keyboard and mouse would be especially well received. They've played a couple of Sokpop games too, but not found anything quite like a short hike Any suggestions?
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My girls (8 and 5) like:

- Pikuniku. Though they needed my help with some of the platforming.
- Donut County
- AER Memories of Old which is free on the Epic Game Store right now. They don't progress in the story very much, but they like flying around and it's good to get them used to 3D controls.
- Chuchel
- Mini Metro. The regular mode is too stressful, but the casual go at your own pace, you can't lose mode whatever it's called is perfect to play around with.
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I can confirm they are great answers.

Everything Aminita make is magic.
Have you seen their movie Kooky?
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@hcs - knytt - this looks very good!
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also i've never seen the text selection syntax you put in the url, thanks for that too
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