Wedding Photogapher in Youngstown?
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Does anyone know a good photographer who can shoot a wedding in Youngstown, Ohio?

I have been put on this by my sister who is getting married in Youngstown, Saturday May 20. I want someone who shoots in a more candid, journalistic style, but is also willing to do some of the traditional set-up group shots. I haven't been happy with what I've seen searching wedding photographer sites on the web. Most of what is available seems to be really bad or really bad and Hallmarkish too. Oh, and here is the clincher: we would like to find someone who'll do it for $1000 (with some flexibility) and be willing to part with the digital files after making an album. Cleveland is close enough so a photographer could travel from there. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Please email me at the address in my profile. My friend Elizabeth is a wonderful photojournalist based in Cleveland with extensive wedding experience as well. She'll be happy to do it for that price.
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Best answer: Heh, I should just post her info here as it's on her portfolio website,

Elizabeth Russell


check out the museum, places and photos section in particular. I will drop her an email under my real name, linking to this post, so she'll know I referred you if you decide she's the shutterbug for you.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much By The Grace of God, I have sent your friend Elizabeth an email and hope that she is available. I am amazed at the plethora of things that you can ask and get results on AskMeFi! Thanks again.
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WAIT! Not so fast. Don't go anywhere, folks.

Does anyone know a good photographer who can shoot a wedding in Media, PA? (On September 30)

We need someone who will be willing to release all .RAW files to us. This rules out most traditional wedding photographers.
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philmas, if you're still looking, I'll talk to my sister in law. Her cousin is getting married around that time (if not the same day!) in Youngstown, and she might be able to scrounge out some leads for you.
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Response by poster: mewithoutyou, I should know by tomorrow if I need some additional leads. Thanks very much for the offer.
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No problem (unless of course your sister is marrying my sister in law's cousin, in which case it would probably be pointless to ask, and which would be both funny "haha" and funny "hmm")!
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Response by poster: mewithoutyou, My sister, Sarah Mason, is marrying Mike Siminic in Youngstown on May 20th. Ring any bells?

I'm still not absolutely certain about having a photographer so if you have any more names that would be good.
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