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I need a new toaster and my most important consideration is that it be easy to clean.

My ancient toaster has finally kicked the bucket. I'm unreasonably annoyed by Toaster Mess and I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for one that's really easy to clean out and isn't constantly full of crumbs and yuck.

I have a huge family, so a 4-slice toaster would be great, but it's not a deal breaker. (Wildly expensive would be a deal breaker.)

Thanks for your help, metafilter!
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Many toaster ovens have a slide-out crumb tray. Makes cleaning super easy. Don’t know if you have the counter space but a not-too-big-but-large-enough toaster oven can handle 4 slices at a time.
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I also came here to recommend a toaster oven. I love my Breville SmartOven and use it to make toast all of the time. It has a slide-out crumb tray and I feel it's easy to clean.
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I've had a number of toasters (or rather toaster ovens... I tend to forget that those devices with the little slots on top exist) with a slide-out crumb tray. Sliding underneath a metal part that one can never really clean underneath.

Recently I bought a convection oven/toaster combo and it has a lift out crumb tray. A revelation! One can remove the crumb tray without sliding it under something that scrapes off the and traps some of the crumbs.

I don't recall the brand but it was from Costco. Holds 4 slices at once as everything at Costco is bigger. I think it was about $70 or $80, which might be considered wildly expensive compared to buying a single purpose toaster but you can also bake in it, much more quickly than in the oven and it keeps your kitchen cooler in the summer.
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This toaster Ask from April might help narrow the field.
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Ha! I looked through the toaster asks and of course did not see the one that was exactly what I was asking, thanks Iris Gambol.
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