Switching real estate agents while buying a home?
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My wife and I are looking for a home to buy. We've already worked with one real estate agent in that she's shown us a few houses and met with us for discuss what we're looking for in a future home. However, for a variety of reasons, we're considering switching to another real estate agent and we have a couple of questions below the fold.

1) Are we required to or should we compensate the agent that we've been working with for her time? 2) Do we need to to anything specific so that she can't claim that we owe her money in the future when we purchase a home?

We do not plan on buying any of the homes that we've seen with the agent that we've been working with.

Thanks for your insight!
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While the agent probably won't love it, switching agents is common and you do not have to compensate or explain. Do make it clear you are switching, though, rather than ghosting, so she knows not to put more time or effort your way.
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just to be clear, you're certain that you didn't sign anything with your original agent?
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Right, we haven't signed a buyer's broker agreement or anything.
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when I did this it was just a question of sending the agent an email more or less like like "Dear Bob, we appreciate the time you've spent with us, but we've decided we're not going to be moving forward. Best wishes, etc"
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This is common. I had to drop mine when he was unavailable on a critical weekend for me to look at showings. Consider the size of the commissions they get - that covers all the showings they do that they don't end up getting a commission on too.
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Not actually an answer but look for a buyer's agent, we paid ours a modest retainer which we got back when we closed, he got his commission from the seller's agent.
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1. Nope.
2. If you haven't signed anything you don't owe them anything.
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1) Are we required to or should we compensate the agent that we've been working with for her time?

Well; unless they've been a total butt it wouldn't hurt to toss them a gift card for a local coffee shop or something of the sort.
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