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I'm always on the lookout for rarities from Sara Carter, so does anyone know what's up with this 2010 album from Goldenlane Records/Orchard Enterprises? In addition to the cuts from Historic Reunion, here are a lot of instrumentals that sound like Maybelle on autoharp, some with Maybelle on vocals, and then "No More Goodbyes" from Sara (not on Historic Reunion). Any thoughts?
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There's some really cool stuff here!

I'm no expert but a friend back in the early 90s gave me three cassette mix tapes of stuff from his 70s era vinyl. From my drunken perusal of the liner notes when I was at his house - the performances they did for Mexican radio were usually recorded for rebroadcast, so there were a lot of unofficial recordings floating around from those periods in their career. I think one of the notes even claimed that some cuts had been salvaged from old aluminum disk recordings that had wound up as shingles. This YouTube collection spans a pretty broad timespan. Have you read Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?
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