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My wife got me a Steam giftcard for Father's Day to buy games to play with my almost 4 and 5-year-old kids. With the Steam Summer Sale ongoing, I'm looking for recommendations on things to buy and play.

I own both a relatively recent PC and mac, and so I don't think there should issues with requirements given the types of games.

Types of games that they enjoy (though I think they'd be up for most things):
* Lego games - we played through most of Lego Batman and Lego City Underground (minus some of the more scary parts) together.

* platformers - they like watching play old SNES games and current platformers, both 2d/3d stuff. As long as the content is appropriate I think they'd be ok.

* racing games - they enjoy watching racing games and are currently obsessed with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

(Link to my Steam account is on the profile. If ideal I'd like to look at games that I don't own, but feel free to suggest things that I already own since... I own a lot already.)
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Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time is one of the best cooperative kid friendly games I've found. Our resident 7 year old loves loves loves it. It can be a little twitchy sometimes, but that would be my only reservation going into it. I would purchase it at full price
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Omigosh. Boy and his Blob. Maybe my favorite game of all time that I played with my boys. Just love it.

Bad news is it's single player -- but we all sat around and tried to figure out how to solve it. Slow paced. so not really overwhelming.

Ori, Terraria, Trine, Don't starve together.
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My nephews love the chaos of Overcooked. They’re about your kids’ ages and are probably a little too young to really grasp the concept, but they enjoy causing mayhem while my brother tries to focus them on the task at hand.
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Donut County! Islanders! Slime Rancher maybe although it gets a bit frantic. The Wallace and Gromit games are lovely if they're familiar with the characters.
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Consider Terraria.
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I was going to suggest the Lego games, there are quite a few on there. Terraria is good, my son recommends Starbound as being similar to Terraria.
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Have a look at Untitled Goose Game. Edit: sorry, not available until late 2020.
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If old-school platformers interest them, you might try these, which either are old-school or are inspired heavily by them:
Sonic Mania
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Shovel Knight
SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics (which has most of the 2D Sonic platformers plus a bunch of other games)
Dust: An Elysian Tail
Rayman: Origins/Rayman: Legends
Commander Keen
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Thanks everyone for your current suggestions. I'll try some of these out and see if the kids like them
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