Good replacement for Extra Fine Tip Sharpies?
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I'm inspired by the other permanent marker question today. I love the old Extra Fine Tip Sharpies. They're between the standard "fine tip" sharpie and too-fine "ultra fine" -- kind of like a permanent felt-tip pen. I used them to write on paper (even though they would bleed). But now they're discontinued.

Any ideas for something similar - a really smooth, permanent marker that has a fine-but-not-too-fine point? Thanks for suggestions!
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Jetpens is the rabbit hole of stationary goodness. I suggest Sakura Pigma Microns. Comes in a variety of points. Jetpens also sells sample packs so you could try a variety from different companies or point size.
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I like the Zig Millenniums and use them when I do copic drawings. The copic liners are decent too but I like the Zig better.
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At least one chart I found measures the Sharpie Extra Fine Tip as .4 mm tip size.

by comparison, Ultra Fine is .2 mm; and Fine is 1.00 mm.
That might help with the searching...
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I also like the Sakura Micron...I use the 0.5 mm size.
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Speaking of Jetpens, you might start with their technical drawing pens. Technical drawing pens are basically exactly what you want.
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If you like the spirit-based ink of Sharpies, the Pilot Oil-Based Twin Marker has 0.4 & 0.5 mm tips and lots of colours.

I don't know the exact tip size, but BIC Marking Ultra-Fine Permanent Markers look about the same tip size as the Sharpie Extra Fine. Has a much more pleasant aroma compared to the rank pong of Sharpies, too.
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Also, I personally find the microns to be scratchy and dry in comparison to the Zig.
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I've found Staedtler markers to be far superior to Sharpies, especially in a wet biolab setting, and they come in a variety of tips. A bit pricier, though.
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You're all awesome - thank you for the, er, tips! I'm excited to explore Jetpens and will try several of those mentioned here.
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The Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent pens feel a lot like the Sharpie Extra-Fine, to me. 0.4mm tip.
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