I am so done with this chest freezer.
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Having previously asked about how to reform my chest freezer so I didn't hate it to death and implemented some of your suggestions, I have decided I can't take it anymore and I have to buy an upright. Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, and all the local appliance stores are out of stock. Sears won't have what I want until September. It seems unlikely that anyone is going to ship me a freezer that I order online. Am I just shit out of luck?
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I was in the same boat and luckily found a used one on Craigslist... it's worth a look.
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I mean... stores ship couches that you order online (I bought one a few months ago), so it doesn’t seem crazy to me that you could order a freezer online, as long as you buy from a reputable seller. I’ll admit I haven’t looked into it though.
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Amazon has a 3 cubic foot upright freezer that it says will deliver with Prime on July 3. They'll also sell you a "shoulder dolly" for team lifting.

Best Buy lets you search for pickup within a range of miles from a zip code.

Have your local appliance stores had any estimates on when they'll get one?

Also, do your local appliance stores refurbish freezers? Because if they do, that might be a ticket to a purchase that at least comes with some kind of assurance of quality.
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Frigidaire Upright Freezers; choose a model, and then put in your ZIP code to see retailers (including small appliance stores)? +1 to putting in your ZIP at Best Buy, too. Habitat for Humanity Stores have appliance sections; you'd arrange for pick-up independently, but staff might have recommendations.
(Are freezer drawers an option?)
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Freezer drawers not an option--this is for the garage. Thanks for the tips! I've found one I like that seems to be actually available on appliancesconnection dot com but it doesn't ship until July 31. They seem to be reputable though. Now that I've made up my mind, I want it immediately!
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When I was looking at “scratch & dent” fridges recently, some national chains (Best Buy and Sears, I think) had listings for each actual item along with a cost for shipping it (to your local store which would then deliver it, I assume.) So I’d look at that/outlet/open box listings.
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I bought a Refrigerator and a an under the counter freezer from across the country. Granted I purchased commercial items, but I would do it again. They also sell residential appliances. I purchased from Dvorsons in I think SF and had them delivered to Westchester County in NY. I also purchased a commercial stove for my house. The commercial appliances I was looking at and eventually purchased were less expensive than traditional residential. I got a True under the counter freezer. I actually used it inside for a while then moved it to the garage. It was on wheels so moving it was easy as wheeling anything. The Traulsen refrigerator I had was awesome. Huge. With three teenagers, two of them football and lacrosse playing boys, I needed a big and reliable appliance and got it. They make freezers too that are also on the linked page.

Cross country delivery plus the cost of the appliance was still less than the local appliance retailer of residential stuff. For a garage that got really hot in the summer, commercial appliances seemed to handle it well.
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Assuming you're in the USA, Abt has 13 in stock and they will ship. They are reputable. Right now they are not doing White Glove Delivery, but their customer service is really top notch; ask them what you need to be able to get it into your house and they will work with you. After a really amazing experience with them several years ago, I buy all my appliances from them, even if they're slightly cheaper elsewhere.
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Costco Canada has uprights in store and online but I don't see them online in the US. Maybe check in store if you have access to a membership.
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Keep checking; their stock levels are fluctuating wildly. Check every site every single day, around early midday.

Case in point: I am literally right now awaiting delivery of a chest freezer. I kept checking various sites, nobody had any freezer of any description and then poof one day Home Depot had a supply of the model I wanted. Placed my order, got confirmation.

...the next day they were out of stock again.
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I recently wanted a printer that was out of stock everywhere. On Best Buy, you can sign up for notifications when an item is back in stock. It worked for me--I ended up ordering it about a week after I set the notification. It was out of stock again within hours of the notice.
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As some anecdata, I had a chest freezer delivered from Target last summer. A big one. They plopped it right down at my garage door. And it’s been working great for a year now.
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When I look on Best Buy, I don't see an option for signing up for notifications when an item is back in stock. It just says "out of stock." ???
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