What did I just do in OpenOffice!?
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I've done something (in the Navigator?) in OpenOffice that created a read-only duplicate of a chapter of the piece I'm writing.

I now have two identical chapters, and I can't delete or undo the creation of that duplicate, because it's read only.

I think it might've happened when I experimented with some 'drag options' in the Navigator screen. I only realized I had two identical chapters much later on, and to my annoyance noticed the copy was read-only.

Was it a bug? Or a strange feature? And how do I get rid of a read-only chapter (it's on a single page, so it may be just a copied page instead of a chapter)!?
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I think you may have switched drag mode to "link" and then dragged a section to your document. That would create the situation you describe. Look in Navigator to see if there are any unexpected sections in there.

Format, Section, Remove will delete sections you don't want.

If that's not the problem, let me know and I'll keep looking. I happen to be writing an OpenOffice.org course right now and came here to procrastinate. Can't escape!
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