Stylus for iPad Air 1st gen?
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I'm looking for a stylus which works well with the 1st generation iPad Air, for sketching etc. Reviews are all over the place. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Anything labeled as a stylus will work fine. I like these metal ones, though the ones that have pens in them are nice too because they are also pens.
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If you are just looking for a very nice plain stylus, I had backed the Hand Stylus when it was on kickstarter and got a lot of satisfied use out of it. It is in the style of a drafting pencil, substantial in the hand.

If you are hoping for something more like an Apple Pencil, I honestly never found one that was worth the money. The Bamboo Sketch was the closest, but still not great.
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For drawing with an iPad, I've never been happy with anything short of an Apple Pencil. Sorry if upgrading your iPad isn't an option.
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If you need a stylus that's basically on par with the Apple Pencil (pressure sensitivity, etc.), I've tried the Adonit Pixel with some amount of success. I wrote about it a bit. But if you're using screen protectors of any kind on your iPad, it won't work very well.

If you don't care about pressure sensitivity and other fancy features, e.g. just doodle whatever, then even a dollar-store stylus should work.
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