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Is there any way to get a product from (a rug) in the United States? They do not ship there.
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Best answer: I used a parcel forwarding service to order a book from the US to the UK (this is a UK to US version of the same sort of service - I am not vouching for this particular company, just sharing it as an example) and while it was convenient it was also expensive and a rug might be astronomical!

The other option (which I wish I'd done for the book) would be to post it as a one-off job - maybe on Metafilter jobs - for someone to order it for you and ship it to you. Lots of people in the UK are currently on furlough and might be up for this sort of thing in exchange for a fair wage for a couple of hours of their time.
posted by cilantro at 12:05 PM on June 22, 2020

Response by poster: Thank you, winterhill! Unfortunately the rug I want isn't actually in stock at that store, apparently only online. I'll looking into UK to US shipping prices and then consider Metafilter jobs.
posted by lewedswiver at 1:51 PM on June 24, 2020

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