Racism in a cooperative
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Hiya - where can I find procedures for a club/ community/ cooperative on how they handle abuse in their group? I don't think I have to re-invent the wheel here for what steps to take before booting an offender out of an inclusive group. Internet results are pages of anti-abuse, or anti-racism group or communities. Thanks
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The template you’re looking for is called a Code of Conduct and you’ll need a committee of at least three to enforce it. There will be meetings and there needs to be a way to report things that might involve members of the committee.
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The Write the Docs Code of Conduct is an example of this, including how to report a member of the committee that oversees the CoC.
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Community accountability / transformative justice for communities might be useful. I have a copy of Mariame Kaba and Shira Hassan's workbook Fumbling Towards Repair, which is focused on supporting survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence who facilitate community accountability processes. They suggest Revolution Starts at Home and Emergent Strategy, and the Creative Interventions Toolkit as introductory resources. While these are rooted in efforts to address intimate partner violence without involving the police or other state institutions, many of the processes might be of use for racist abuse situations in which you cannot rely on "outside" laws.
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Thank you!
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