Replacement for Long Tall Sally
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Help! Long Tall Sally are closing down. Where can I buy women's clothes and shoes that ships to mainland Europe?
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I presume that you are looking for the longer lengths and larger shoe sizes of LTS? It might be helpful to know what inside leg/shoe size you are looking for, because that does make a difference.

While I'm really worrying about the loss of LTS regarding trousers (I have no idea where I'm going to get 36" inside leg women's trousers in future), I do know some options for larger size ladies shoes:

(scroll to the bottom for links to other European sites)
Alternative Footwear (£7 delivery to some European countries; lots of 8-inch heels, but some more everyday styles in there as well)
Doc Martens (not everyone's cup of tea, and their femnine styles stop at a UK size 9)
Irregular Choice (women's stop at a EU size 43; £5-10 delivery to Europe)
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MeFi favourite Fluevog ship from Amsterdam and are priced in Euros. They go up to UK women's size 10.

(Long Tall Sally's horrible neighbours Crispin Shoes and Magnus also apparently deliver to mainland Europe.)
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The UK-based Tall Collective is "a collaboration of retailers providing a central destination for men and women to find tall clothing & footwear."

They sell women's trousers, leggings and pants and straight leg denim in 34-inch, 35-inch, 36-inch and 38-inch inseams. Skinny jeans are available in 34-inch, 36-inch and 38-inch lengths. Here are their shoes.

I'm not in the Tall Collective target audience (I am considered rangy in my family of origin and I am 5 foot 4); I encountered the Tall Collective in a 2018 roundup by a 6 foot 1 Glamour UK writer, Kat Brown.

At the time of Brown's review, Tall Collective was a specialty shop called Tall Girls (Brown liked "their incredibly flattering side gather jersey dresses, their Dream Denim jeans, and their shoes, which in many cases go up to a size 12"). I consider it promising that the business expanded its target demographic and changed its name to something less naff.

PS Participating retailers are "from across Europe," per the Tall Collective website, so I'd hope that all or most ship to the mainland EU. Best wishes.
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