Through the looking glass
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Help locate this obscure drug/lsd public access video from a while back.

I am posting this for a friend. He asks:

i'm desparate- can someone please help me to find the grooviest public access show ever? it's called "the center of center of center.." (or "the center of the center of the center...") i think maybe it was colorado public access, but i might just be making that up, but what i'm not making up is the penultimate super-grooviness of this 20-30 minute program for people having a "bad trip" it's FULL of good advice "like "i bet you're thirsty, a glass of juice sure would be nice, wouldn't it?" and "remember, it's a drug, and it will wear off and get better. you're doing great.." like a parent speaking to a child, not insulting - reassuring.

has anyone else heard of this (the friend who owned the copy i saw was from san diego, so it might have been produced down there)? if you know what i'm talking about, do you know how i might aquire a copy? this was the funniest, most insightfull video i've ever seen, i've tried the usual suspects (google etc.) but i'm not too hip with computers so maybe one of you'll have better luck than i in looking it up, even if you've not previously heard of it...

help me obie-wan, you're my only hope...
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Have you tried the forums at 5 Minutes to Live? Even if their store doesn't have it, someone might know how to track it down.

And if you do find a copy, please post in the thread!
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