My Kimball Petite Baby Grand serial number is K304534
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I have a petite baby grand Kimball piano which is in excellent shape and features wonderful sound. (Note: This is not the "LaPetite" label Kimball.) I'd like to determine how old it is.

The serial number is K304534, which I have not been able to find on any online searches. I did find that Kimball used letter prefixes beginning about 1974, but none of the ones I found were K.
The piano features a lattice-work music holder and looks just like the one in this video:

Any info would be very helpful, thanks!
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Information here suggests 1917.
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Yes, thank you, I had found that site, but the piano tuner told me there was no way my piano is that old. Also, it includes a letter with the serial number, unlike the pianos built that early.
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Not to second guess you here, but is it possible that this K304534 number is a case number rather than a serial number? Apparently some piano manufacturers will have multiple serial numberings (e.g.: see this webpage or this excerpt from a book about Steinways). The "K" prefix seems a bit out-of-the-ordinary for Kimball according to one of the posts on this piano forum thread which references "Pierce" -- i.e.: the Pierce Piano Atlas -- and lists R, J, C, T, A, S, B, and D as valid letter prefixes. Of course, the forum poster might have omitted K from that list, either inadvertently or for the sake of conciseness. In any case, I would probably suggest poking around to see if there are any other serial number-looking things on your piano and, if possible, finding a copy of Pierce (perhaps at your local library if they're open) and checking there.
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