Is there a service that will buy and ship bakery items for me?
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I've been missing Miami's Cuban bakeries. My plans to visit have been put on hold indefinitely, so I'm looking for options to have a few items (cuban crackers, cuban bread and pastries) shipped overnight to my house a few states to the north. Does a service that does this exist?

I'm willing to put some dollars toward paying for this, but would prefer something established as opposed to posting a Craigslist ad.

I know that Vicky Bakery ships guava pastries and croquetas, but I'm looking for a wider selection. Thanks everyone!
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Porto’s of California has a delivery service that allows you to bake at home.
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Vicky Bakery in Miami ships on Goldbelly.

So does Sergio's, also in Miami. Both are well known places.

If I were going to order Cuban bread, I would see if I could have 5 Brothers overnight it to me from Key West. Their phone number is on the website, they are open this Saturday, but Father's Day is this weekend so they will probably be busy. Maybe call on Monday?
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To clarify - the first two places I listed don't have Cuban bread on their list of things they sell. They both seem to stick mostly to sweets.

Sergio's says they're sold out today, so try again another day to order.
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Seconding Goldbelly. A friend of mine now living in Colorado very happily ordered a Junior's Cheesecake for himself direct from Brooklyn when I tipped him off recently. You're limited to the stores that use their service, but I do see that there are two Cuban bakeries on the service.
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I would trust 5 Brothers to pack it up in an air tight way to prevent staleness.

Heck, I’d trust them to take a cheese toast off the plancha and send me that.

Now I need an entire loaf of bread made with lard, smeared with butter, filled with cheese, and pressed hot until it’s melty and flat.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. The thing I really want are the Cuban Crackers and I'm not having any luck there. I can make pastries and croquetes on my own, but I've never been able to get the crackers right. The bagged shelf-stable ones are just not good enough.

And BTW, 1-2 day old cuban bread makes the best toast.
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