Gimme more Wall of Sound!
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I'm listening music while I work from home, which is something I never did before, and have only recently realized that there are Phil Spector/Wall of Sound songs outside of the girl groups. I want more of these! Some of what I've been listening to:

I just found Leonard Cohen's Memories yesterday and have listened to it about 75 times since then. I've loved Pet Sounds since high school. George Harrison's Wah-Wah. What else you got? Can be legit Phil Spector or just Spector-inspired, albums or individual songs (but if it's an album, give me a favorite to start with). Assume I'm fairly familiar with his girl group work but if you've got a deep cut, I'll take it. Thanks!
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Gamble and Huff?
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Go for Matthew Sweet's album In Reverse. A favorite of mine.
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Six songs on the Ike & Tina Turner album River Deep Mountain High - according to Wikipedia - including the title track and Save the Last Dance for Me.
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Well the whole George Harrison album that Wah-Wah is from, All Things Must Pass, is worth your attention
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Best answer: The Walker Brothers 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore'
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Weezer: Buddy Holly
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Response by poster: That Walker Brothers song (which I know but totally forgot about....) is exactly the type of thing I want. And PussKillian, your comment reminded me that Matthew Sweet's 100% Fun album kind of scratches this itch for me, especially Sick of Myself.
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From John Entwistle's 4th LP: Mad Dog, Ringo's Photograph and Don't Touch Me There off the Tubes' second LP.
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Spector produced The Ramones', End of the Century. Try Danny Says or they even covered Baby I Love You.
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let it be
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Interesting question, the Spector/Wall of Sound was a big influence on many producers.

'Born to Run' by Bruce Springsteen, produced by Jon Landau, is a famous example and a glorious extravaganza, even if you're not really a big Brucie fan.

Roy Wood's band Wizzard emulated the Spector style.

(There's a lot of old bombastic big-budget pop orchestrations that laid on the layers, I'm thinking of Tony Hatch's productions for Petula Clark...)

(In vaguely related, the 1990s Shoegazer guitar genre intentionally interpreted Phil's Wall of Sound into many layers of fuzz-tone guitars. My Bloody Valentine was good at this.)
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I have this same predilection.

The Explorers Club: Forever
El Goodo: As You Said Your So Longs
Temples: You're Either On Something
Neil Francis: These Are the Days
Andrew Combs: Stars of Longing

Wandering over toward Jeff Lynne:
Dan Auerbach: Shine on Me
GospelbeacH: In the Desert
Israel Nash: Rolling On

Worth trying:
Michael Kiwanuka: You Ain't the Problem
Dominique Pruitt: High in the Valley
Devon Gilfillian: The Good Life
Yola: Shady Grove
The Clique: Sugar on Sunday
Marc Benno: Speak Your Mind
Joey Stec: Do You Know
The Bees: I Love You
Send Medicine: Scorpio Long Ago
Holy Hive: Golden Crown
The High Dials: Fear of Heights
High Flying Birds: A Dream is All I Need to Get By
Unloved: Heartbreak

This is what springs to mind paging through my Spotify artists; I'll take a pass through one of the playlists I dump things I like in and see if there's anything else.
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Mott the Hoople - Foxy Foxy and Brian Eno - On Some Faraway Beach.
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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's album Nonagon Infinity.
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The Jesus and Mary Chain, particularly their first few singles and their first album, Psychocandy, put a noisy spin on the Wall of Sound approach.
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When I was in a similar situation with Memories, I somehow discovered the Spector-produced (well, most of it..) Dion album, "Born to be With You". It came out a couple years earlier than the Cohen album. To me, the standout track is Only You Know. It's of course no Memories, but I like the tune and I have linked those two songs in my mind.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, everyone! I'm gonna dive into these this week!
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From the rest of that 51-hour Spotify list:

Star Parks: Oh Boredom
Deren Ney: West Coast Mama
A Girl Called Eddy: Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart
Freedom Fry: Catalina
Coco Zandi & Wild Child: Angel
The Flame: See the Light
Peter Bjorn & John: On the Brink
Chadwick Stokes: Blanket on the Moon

More worth trying:
Girl Skin: Forever & Always
Mondo Cozmo: Black Cadillac
Arsun: White Light
Steelism: Lonely Game
Chris Forsyth: Tomorrow Might As Well Be Today
Hazel English: Five and Dime
Flyte: I Still Believe In You
Left at London: Revolution Lover
Jack Drag: Chelsea Moon
The Lemon Twigs: The One
Darker My Love: New America
Joel Plaskett: Head Over Heels into Heaven
James Swanberg: Angry Young Man in America
The Shivas: If You See Me
The Midnight Club: Face to Love
Oracle Sisters: Asc. Scorpio
Polyrhythmics: Yeti, Set, Go
Trey Gruber: Sister Say
Bill Baird: See How They Run (Politician, Pt. 2)
The Lost Brothers: After the Fire
Andy Frasco & The U.N.: Love is a Gun
Willie J Healey: Why You Gotta Do It
Teddy Thompson: Record Player

You might also like Andrew Sandoval's 1960s podcast Come to the Sunshine.
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Response by poster: Dang, jocelmeow. Thanks :)
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