Seeking large KN95 masks at a reasonable price.
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I purchased some KN95 masks -- they are now easily available from any number of vendors, eBay is flooded with them. However, the masks I purchased, which of course looked just fine on the model wearing it, they are about the size my fist, and are barely adequate, They are not in fact adequate at all. Have your purchased KN95 masks that are easily large enough for you? Looking to spend $1.00 -- $1.50 apiece, 10-25 masks. Any help appreciated.
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If you're not in a rush to get delivery there are plenty of vendors on aliexpress that appear to be regular-sized.
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Here's a place I have bought from a few times, which offers KN95 masks as low as $2.22 per unit, but you'd have to buy in bulk to get that price. A 25-mask order is about $3.92 per mask.

I'll be looking at this thread — I hope you find better pricing that is reliable.
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BatteryJunction is selling them at $2.95 apiece with a 10 mask minimum, shipping from the US. Haven't purchased masks from them and can't comment on the mask size, but have bought other thing from them before.
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After my experience with the vendor I purchased from, I have come to believe that this industry has found a way to shrink people to 1/2 scale when modeling their masks.

I've tried searches -- "KN95 masks large" and "LARGE KN95 mask" and "BIG HONKIN' KN95 mask" -- no hits at all. Page after page of ppl wearing KN95 masks but not one which lists the dimensions of the things.

I can use the masks which I purchased but they aren't really a fit -- either too low on my nose or too high under my chin. Which is to say I'm not really protected.

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Funnily, my KN95's are too big!
But a bigger problem is that they have ear loops instead of strings that go around the head, which I read means they are COUNTERFEIT and may not be made of the material you need to get that 95% protection you want!

So beware. Apparently there are millions of these fake KN95's being sold, even by reputable sellers (I got mine from, which, after I complained, refunded my money).
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I don’t think around the head is counterfeit. I’ve bought them for years for heavy cleaning and they always went around my head. Ear loops seem odd to me.
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tilde it looks like the claim is that around the head is real, ear loops are counterfeit, not vice versa (but a quick search suggests it may be complicated.)
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Regards ear loops -- I've read that they are toys, any mask going for serious isn't going to have ear loops on them. My solution? I've purchased some elastic which will go behind my head, which will hold them a lot tighter against my face. I maybe will install a bit more elastic so as to pull it tight against my face.

Regards the masks not being The Real DealTM IE not protecting me to the level which they should, I've read that you (by which I mean "I") can pour water into them and if it doesn't seep through the mask you're in business. And I know this to be true because "I Read It On The Internet" which, as we all know, means that it is correct, that it is A True FactTM
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I cannot personally vouch for these but someone sent it to me today. Seems like it would fit any size head. Makes more sense when you watch this video.

Personally, I'm waiting on these, which I ordered in January with the understanding they would ship late June (and they say they're on schedule). They come in multiple sizes.
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KN95 masks should have loops around the ears, per Chinese specification. This is a distinguishing feature between KN95 and N95 masks, which have elastic bands that wrap behind the head.
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They sucked his brains out!, is there additional specification somewhere about the ear loops on KN95s? There are loops in the image in that document but the text doesn't actually mention anything that I'm seeing other than that the straps are attached with staples.
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KN95s = ear loops.

N95s = elastic around the head.

Either without a fit test and training on how to properly don and doff them = a waste of your money.
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