Comic Books like The Legend of Wonder Woman: Volume 1
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My seven year-old niece is a big fan of Wonder Woman in general and particularly The Legend of Wonder Woman. She and her parents slowly read through the volume together this spring, and it was apparently a big hit. Where could I get more in this vein?
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Best answer: I haven’t read this particular WW volume, but every 7-year-old comic book lover deserves to be introduced to Squirrel Girl.
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Best answer: Different hero and different art style, but I think I might recommend Jeff Smith's Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil.
It's a short series, available from Hoopla if your library does that, and just on the verge of 'I can read this page by myself!'
The origin and first adventure of 10 year old Billy Batson / Captain Marvel (and Mary Marvel too!).
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Response by poster: Thanks folks! I appreciate the tips. I'll look into both.
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How about She-ra (the Netflix She-ra revival is excellent) or Zita the Spacegirl? If you are open to adventure graphic novels that are not superhero-based, try the 5 Worlds or Amulet series. All of these are much loved by my 8-year-old daughter.
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