Print resource for parents on kid depression?
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I’m updating a training I wrote several years ago in a past job. Handouts include a booklet for parents on identifying symptoms of kid depression and seeking treatment. I think it’s outdated, but what do I replace it with?

This is the resource (which is in color in real life, not sure why it isn’t here). It’s been around for a long time, already needed some edits we didn’t have funding for when I was using it in 2013, and is branded as a publication of an organization that has been out of business for several years.

I don’t have access to the editable version and can’t make changes. Does anyone know of an equivalent but newer publication that could be referenced instead? (A resource in the US would be best so the national crisis line numbers etc are right.)

I can use Google as well as the next person, so please recommend things you’re actually familiar with. Thank you!
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I am a child therapist and my absolute go to for parent info on mental health issues is Childmind. The link goes to their section on depression, and they also have many other topics. I met one of the doctors that founded Childmind and found him to be a wonderful, intelligent, and solid human being. Hope this helps!
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Sorry, just realized i didn't link to a specifically print resource! I have printed their Q&A and overview sections for parents, however, and they have been regarded as extremely helpful.
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